A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Swedish Massage Simulator.

Mashing up massage and minigames.

Mama Seuss takes inspiration from games like Cooking Mama and WarioWare and adds plenty of cute mittens and silly sounds.

Mama Seuss was made as part of the Code Liberation 2016 six week workshop, a coding workshop for women to come together and improve their coding skills. It was also shown at the V&A Museum as part of Parallel Worlds Museum Late along with the rest of the games created as part of CL.

Play with controller! 🎮

(designed for PS4/DS4 controller but build included for XBOX 360 controller)


Made by Holly Pickering

Music by Kevin MacLeod


MamaSeuss_v0.3.1_Windows.zip 28 MB
MamaSeuss_Mac_v0.4.app.zip 19 MB